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Call for a fresh re-assessment by all Republicans of the social issues challenging the unity of the party and to proactively take on those challenges; the “special” role of Log Cabin Republicans have in this regard, and their responsibility to do so.
Log Cabin Republicans Have a Special Call & Obligation
Gen Y woman revels in her discovered Internet porn identity, and thinks herself - and her generation - special. In fact, she and her Y friends are not special, but quite common, as "Dear Madam" gives way to "Yo' Bitch," and pedophiles free themselves from shame.
The Porn Identity: More 'Common' Than We Think
Baking the Cake Is NOT a Universal Demand
Gay people often are lumped into a monolithic "LGBT" movement, and falsely presumed by the media to support any cause under that banner, no matter how bureaucratic and restrictive of other rights.
Boston Globe Letter - GLBT Not a Monolith
Reports, articles, and briefs analyzing current events, culture, religion, forecasting developments, plus. An excellent forecast record since 2010 - last issue published in March of 2016 - on hold while Marco Roberts serves as president of the Houston chapter of Log Cabin Republicans. More recent writings below.
Abraham Lincoln: National Saviour
"The president told them not to kneel, but to stand. When they bowed, he bowed back, to the horror of some whites ... This was a man born of his time, who moved beyond it, and then pulled an entire nation along with him."
Reflections on the XXIX Olympiad in Beijing
"Yes, it is true that China is a nation of many deep ills and dark impulses ... [but] for now, we can recognize and concede without losing one’s basic sense of decency that China is also a nation of shining grandeur and promise; of gentle beauty and meticulous grace..."
A Thanksgiving Remembrance
"We ... occasionally glimpse a ray of the light that comes from the better side of our conflicted heart, from that part of the human soul that steps forth and chooses... to suffer, sometimes to lay itself down, for the good of another; and we, half blind and half deaf ... try to remember it."
About the Ultrapolis World Forecast & Review (UWFR)
Observations from Shanghai: The Republicans Will Not Save US
"As a morally and economically centrist conservative I am no Obama supporter, and reject most of his ideologically leftist principles of governance. ... Yet, when it comes to Republican proposals, I have to agree with one thing the president has said: 'We already did that.'”
Caught Between Ossified Ideologies, Americans Face Managed Decline by a Few
No One Knows What the Clinton Shadow Knows
"Many Democratic operatives see a real danger to their own careers should the Clintons return to their reign at the White House and control of the Democratic Party. Some of them will even prefer a Republican presidency to the end of their own careers."
Will ‘Clinton Fatigue’ Return too Soon for 2016?
UWFR - Mar 16, 2015
Win Speaks to Who They Think We Are
"With all the allegories, metaphors, and direct references to the male sexual organ one would be left to believe that the only way available to the movie’s screenwriters to describe the world was by using a teenage boy’s term for the lowest, hanging part of a man’s privates."
The Unexpected Ascendancy of Brutish Ignorance
UWFR - Feb 25, 2015
The Moral Cause of Thanksgiving Lost-Redux
"In an ironic convergence of those on the far left who believe in nothing and anything goes, that nothing is morally consequential,... with those on the far right that believe profit-making is the ultimate good, the notion of moral underpinnings for how we do anything ... is fading."
In the Rear View Mirror: This American Day Fades Away Fast
UWFR - Dec 1, 2014
Obama Acts on Immigration: The Why Behind the When
"[The President] then made the argument that Americans don’t split up families because one of them broke the law. a shell game only a conservative would care to notice, he conflated illegal and legal immigrants as the same in the history of American immigration and American values."
Did Reagan and Bush Really Set the Precedent?
UWFR - Nov 21, 2014
China to Hong Kong: Two Systems, One Master
"Unfortunately for them, while the Hong Kong protesters are under the same misunderstanding that afflicts most Western liberal progressives regarding the source of political rights, they do not inhabit a political order that allows them to indulge that misunderstanding."
The Western Luxury No Citizen of China Can Afford
UWFR - Nov 3, 2014
The GBLT’s Transgender Highway to a Genderless Utopia
"No matter ... how much we... change words to obscure the reality of the human differences, we all essentially know what we see... That’s why some people get so angry at the mere suggestion that a difference in them has a real consequence in life – because deep down, they are afraid it is true."
Journey Through Contradiction, Simplistic Templates, and Self-Esteem
UWFR - Jun 23, 2014
Of Porn and Men
"[Courage] is holding up the banner that you believe advances the course of humankind, even as you know it may leave you cursed, abandoned, and maybe ... even without your life ... Courage is not what my good friend saw on that screen; that was just plain primate stupidity."
Pleasure as Virtue
UWFR - Feb 10, 2014
The Day the Obama Presidency Stood Still
"President Obama is a man of the time. He does not transcend it. He reflects it. ... Most Americans simply do not appreciate how demeaning [the Syria retreat] was for the President and for the country – not even most conservatives. And they don’t want to know. "
When the President of Words Became the President of Sound
UWFR - Nov 27, 2013
Today *sses Volunteer *sses on Today
"As always, there are those who will self-righteously champion this behavior, with the goal of intimidating any possible objectors into silence. ... Big corporations and the libertine libs are perfect allies; one wants to peddle shock value and titillation ... and the other loves it and provides cover for it. "
Lauer and Poop-Pants Al Roker Drop Pants for a "Good Cause"
UWFR - Nov 7, 2013
A President Attempts Abdication With Syria in the Balance
"Rarely has history offered an American administration so many rich opportunities for transforming brutal and unfriendly dictatorships into something better. But it was an accident of history that such a time would be wasted on an American administration so vested in the idea of American non-leadership in world affairs."
Will Decision-making Prove Salient or Fatal in Aftermath of Syria?
UWFR - Sep 7, 2013
George Zimmerman, Pride and Prejudice
"The election of a black man as President ... has assuaged the sense of guilt of many whites ... we think it a very likely probability ... that the election of Barack Obama as President will actually make any future presidency by another African-American less likely, and we will not see another in our lifetime."
Will Progressive Left “Conversation” Advance Cause of Black Americans?
UWFR - Aug 9, 2013
With LGBT Malice Toward All (Opposed, That Is)
"Many on the left today like to believe that it is the superior moral power of their charges and accusations that brings people to heel to their demands, and thus, any concession is not one to be appreciated, but to be taken as evidence of their own moral superiority over all those who oppose them."
New Gay Pride Not So Gay
UWFR - Jun 29, 2013
Lean In’s Feminist Totalitarian Fantasy Come Total Fact
"Sheryl Sandberg’s new... initiative has recently ratcheted up the volume on hyper-feminist speech to the point of becoming an ever-present hum in our daily lives. Like the air, it’s just there all the time. And, like Houston’s air, you just get used to it after awhile, or deal with it with medication as best you can.."
Sandberg’s Vision: Eradicate All Difference - by Law if Necessary
UWFR - Mar 27, 2013
Clinton in 2016: Recent Past Light Shed on Far Future
"we think that Mrs. Clinton’s opaque answers at the hearing, her almost cavalier dismissal of the serious questions; and the way she held her head in her right hand as she appeared in a strangely relaxed thrall to words offered to her in praise, these offer a view into the personality of Secretary Hillary Clinton."
What the Benghazi Hearings Suggest About a Future Second Clinton Era
UWFR - Mar 9, 2013
Christmas to Disappear in Thirty Years
"The teachings of Christ, whether one believes in his divinity or not, have long been at the core of a Judeo-Christian ethic that is the foundation of our civilization and our laws ... This is not to denigrate or diminish the ethical and moral foundations of other societies. It is merely a recognition of ours."
Twisted and Stretched by Profit Motive Beyond Recognition, Christmas To Fade
UWFR - Dec 31, 2012
Nov 26, 2009
Feb 12, 2009
Aug 25, 2008
Feb 28, 2006
Jul 21, 2011
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Moral Premises Conceded to the Left Long Ago
"Now the radical progressive left has launched a new offensive under the cover of transgender rights, and the crumbling barricades of the moral conservatives look to be manned only by the most hyperbolic, emotional, and ineffective of the right’s rank and file..."
Social Conservatives Out-Gunned, Out-Maneuvered, Retreat on Alien Ground
UWFR - Jun 10, 2015
30 Years After Courtroom Win, Plaintiff Demands Free Speech for His Opponents
"Roberts might have simply stuck to celebrating a victory for his cause. But in his column... instead drew on the experience of defending unpopular speech that later—through the persistence and power of persuasion only possible because of free speech—gained popular support..."
GSS vs. Texas A&M, and the Religious Freedom Laws
Apr 3, 2015
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Responding to a broadside leveled by ’Anne Witkowski at Log Cabin Republicans, we have to wonder just what exactly is it that we do that moved her to smear us with her pen, and labels us “creeps”?
Why Log Cabin Republicans Give Some Dems the "Creeps"