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Today Asses Volunteer Asses on Today

Matt Lauer and Poop-Pants Al Roker Drop Pants and Open Wide for a "Good Cause"





A Time of Causes


Today, two male anchors of the Today Show on NBC will undergo prostate exams on live, national TV.  This follows Katie Couric's equally probing public self-exposure when she had a colonoscopy performed on national TV, not long before she left the show and her career fell into a black hole.  As always, there are those who will self-righteously champion this behavior, with the goal of intimidating any possible objectors into silence.


Incidentally, for those of you that missed it,  the usually charming Al Roker was the man who saw fit to regale the nation with his story on how he accidentally defecated in his pants while visiting the White House, when he only intended to vacate gas.  But it was okay, because, you see, he did it for a good cause.


This follows another similar story from Australia where some members (notably not all) of a minor rugby team called the Wolverines were convinced to manhandle their testicles for a TV show to promote testicular cancer awareness and to instruct an apparently clueless male population that can only be helped through hype and shock value.  Of course, the "it's for a good cause" explanation was employed, similarly to how the previous "it's for the children" argument was applied in the 1980's and 90's to any dubious or ridiculous position to inhibit counter-arguments or objections.  We recently reported on the FU Cancer campaign (more explicitly named elsewhere) featuring people from all walks of live, including Santa and toddlers, with raised middle fingers – for a good cause.


The Wolverines who participated looked absolutely ridiculous – and they were fools duped for ratings, and ultimately profits.  Libertine liberals love this ‘clinicizing’ of the human body, and making anything connected with sexuality (like the sex organs) as public and ordinary and completely disconnected from intimacy as eating or talking – in other words, to have us treat our bodies with the dignity and civilized concern of apes.                                                              


This crowd does aim to make it harder for others to insist on maintaining their personal physical and sexual dignity (have you read the fine print in ENDA?).  And, they sure do love and liberally use the “it’s for a good cause” angle.  Oh, so serious and noble.  If it is for a good cause, you can justify anything. 


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In truth, in this case, it was for ratings and attention, and purely prurient interest (as it will be on Today).  That’s why the story appeared in the gay section of the liberal, progressive, "advanced-thinking" Huffington Post, not the health section (not to mention some  homosexual pornographic sites).  Apparently SOMEBODY thought it was sexually provocative and it happened to be the same people who also tell us that we should not see it that way. 


Anal Heroics


They could have made the demonstration with a plastic dummy  (instead of 7 human dummies), and the scan with a live rugby player behind a screen, and without the woman just standing there doing nothing but looking. But then, that would not be as titillating.  We can’t wait for the episode for prostate cancer exams for the whole team. It will be even more noble and courageous!  We can just imagine these dads showing their sons pictures of how courageous and high-minded they were: “Here son, is where I am publicly looking at and handling my testicles for a good cause.  Mom was happy to share what I have with the world.  Maybe someday you’ll exceed my heroism and publicly show your anus being probed for a good cause.” 


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The Perfect Alliance


Oh, but we forget, Matt and Al are doing it. Will they be truly heroic and dispense with any modesty at all? After all, it would get more attention, attention, attention! and provide more clarity as to exactly what is going on, and just how safe and easy it is.  AND, it's for a good cause!  Show Matt Lauer's posterior, and we guarantee you will get more viewers - just think of all the lives that will be saved!  Oh joy.


Big corporations and the libertine libs are perfect allies; one wants to peddle shock value and titillation - civilized dignity and romantic sexuality be damned, and the other loves it and provides cover for it.




Post Script posted 11/07/2013, 1:30 PM CST:

The Today show broadast today was not nearly as tasteless as the previously broadcast internal Couric exploration (really not actually showing the procedure at all), though the doctor performing the probes today joked he had to lose five pounds in order to get his finger skinny enough for Matt Lauer’s rear entry point, eliciting squeamish giggles from the female anchors.  Very educational indeed.


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