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No One Knows What the Clinton Shadow Knows

Will ‘Clinton Fatigue’ Return too Soon for 2016?


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The Clinton Shadow

The Convenience of Being Conveniently Clinton


Thus continues the unfolding of our forecasts on 2016.


The Scandals Break


If there is one thing clear about the recent Clinton scandals, it is that nothing is ever clear with the Clintons.


The first scandal broke with the Washington Post story published February 25, revealing donations by foreign governments to Mrs. Hillary Rodham Clinton’s foundation while she served as U.S. Secretary of State, and while she was conducting government business with those same governments.


The second scandal broke on March 2, with a story by the New York Times reporting that Mrs. Clinton had used a personal email address housed in a personal server controlled by her, instead of a government-issued email address maintained on a government server, to conduct State Department business.  In addition, she took two years to respond to requests for copies of emails that by law need to be handed over to the government.


Technically, It’s All Good


On the first issue, while apparently it was technically not illegal for her closely related foundation to accept this money, it is the first time such a foundation so closely associated with a Secretary of State and future presidential candidate has done so.  The donations would have been illegal had she accepted them directly, and so they raise the issue of the fungibility of the money, and the spirit of the law, and of the agreement Mrs. Clinton signed with the Obama administration in 2008 regarding these kinds of donations.


Did Mrs. Clinton personally benefit from the money donated to the foundation that operates in and under her name, and for which its activities she can direct and take credit?  Did she, for that reason, in return not take on the donor governments’ policies that her foundation is supposed to be opposing?


On the second issue, again, while apparently it was technically not illegal for her to set up the private email and use it as she did, she did violate her own department’s policy, which her own office had communicated as a required policy for everyone else at the State Department; and she is the only cabinet official to actually set up a private server under her physical control.  She has also indicated she will not allow that server to be examined, even after she announced that she had already deleted all emails her staff deemed not pertinent to her service to the State Department.


Did Mrs. Clinton take all these actions, (set up private server, delay two years turning over emails, and preemptively delete all other emails) in order to avoid incriminating emails to become part of the public record?


A Who’s’ Who of Phantoms


As with all the scandals of the 1990’s, we will likely never have a definitive answer.


We will never know who gave the order to investigate, and then fire, all the career (non-political) staff at the White House Travel Office that had served various presidents, to be replaced by Clinton staffers.  Lives were ruined (all later exonerated from the false accusations); but we do know the Clinton’s kept the new staff. 


We will never know who ordered the firings of all the elderly ladies who had worked in White House mail for decades, again to be replaced by Clinton staffers.


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…Its’ a Long List


We will never know how Mrs. Clinton turned a $5,000 investment into  $100,000 windfall in a single day.   We do know she was in the position to help those who provided the investment vehicle.


We will never unravel the Clintons’ Whitewater financial shenanigans, nor will we ever know how the Rose Law Firm billing records mysteriously appeared in the White House after years of denial by Mrs. Clinton that she had them.  We do know the issues at stake put in jail some of the Clinton’s closest friends.  Some of them testified against the Clintons, and some did not.  And, we do know that, contrary to the practice of all previous presidents, the newly-elected President Clinton fired every sitting U.S. Attorney in the country, stopping all federal investigations in their tracks, including the one into Whitewater.


We will never know why Vince Foster died a violent death, and why the Clinton’s White House Counsel prevented the FBI and the Park Police from entering the scene of the suicide or murder for three days, while they claimed to be removing ‘personal’ files of the Clintons.


We will never know who hired Craig Livingstone, who illegally obtained hundreds of FBI profiles of senior staffers who served the previous Reagan and Bush administrations, files that contained detailed intimate information about their health, psychological profile, extra-marital affairs, any past criminal offenses, etc.  Nor will we know if Hillary Clinton (oddly, she, not her husband, had been implicated by name in various news stories) actually looked at what was in those files.  We do know that the White House did not volunteer to inform anyone of this “bureaucratic snafu”.  It was discovered by a Congressional committee investigating Whitewater.


The Convenience of It All


Oh, we could go on for pages. Many women accusing the President of aggressive sexual harassment or sexual assault; known close connections to figures themselves linked by the FBI to organized crime; the $10,000 Lincoln bedroom to peddle influence...” and on, and on, and on.


Today, the Clintons are the richest couple to have ever occupied the White House, with nearly all their wealth earned after their entry into politics.


Yes, no one knows what the Clintons know.  But, at minimum, we can say this:  Hillary Clinton’s interest in the personal convenience of her foreign donations and email arrangements superseded any interest she might have had in transparency and safeguarding public trust across political lines.


As we said in our UWFR issue of March 9, 2013, there is “still no fire in view, but isn’t that smoke familiar?”  And now here we are again two years later and we still can’t see the flames, while yet another toxic mushroom cloud of delay, obfuscation, word parsing, and pre-emptive fait accomplis has billowed up high from just beyond the Clinton horizon line and descended upon our political landscape, choking the life out of any possibility of arriving at clarity, while Clintonites furiously again attempt to fan away the smoke in the hopes the offense to the senses is temporary.


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No Foxes or Elephants Here


The first thing to note about the initial reporting of these two controversies is who did the reporting: two of the nation’s most respectable, leading, liberal-leaning news publications.  No Fox News, no right-wing conspiracies to blame here.  The second thing to note is the timing, particularly for the email story.  Both of these stories came out right in front of an expected impending formal announcement of Mrs. Clinton’s candidacy for president in 2016.  Both of these stories tell of events that happened a few years back.  And, in the case of the email story, many people had to have known for sometime.  What changed to cause both these stories to come out on the eve of Mrs. Clinton’s looming announcement to make good on her threat to run for president?


In UWFR as far back as that March 9, 2013 issue, we first began to point out what we all should already know about Mrs. Clinton’s personality, and how her ‘inevitability’ was not what everyone else, from left to right, said it was.


In Saturday’s Wall Street Journal, Peggy Noonan opined: ”For a while I’ve assumed Hillary Clinton would run for her party’s nomination and be a formidable candidate in the general election. After Tuesday’s news conference I’m not so sure.”


If only she had called us two years ago.


Bonfire of the Hillarities


As we have said before, while the rank and file of the Democratic Party will line up behind a Clinton candidacy no matter how much the air fills with the noxious fumes of dozens of forever-unseen bonfires, the same is not true of many powerful Democrats who even now are maneuvering to stop Clinton 2016.  And, while 80% of Democrats are unflinchingly behind her, that is not enough to win a general election, and the rest of the electorate is not going to be so forgiving of the perpetual stench of scandal.


There is a reason that in 2008, when Mrs. Clinton was then seen as nearly inevitable, the moment Barack Obama appeared on the scene there was a hidden (and rather vicious) stampede within the Democratic Party away from the more experienced “first woman” candidacy of Mrs. Clinton towards the untested, immature leadership of Barack Obama.


And now, many Democratic operatives see a real danger to their own careers should the Clintons return to their reign at the White House and control of the Democratic Party.  Some of them will even prefer a Republican presidency to the end of their own careers.  The bonfires will now be fanned, in hopes they finally become visible enough to consume their source.


We predicted a search for an alternative (3-9-13, and 5-28-13), and the mention of Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren as that alternative (2-10-14).  That has now happened in various corners, from the Wall Street Journal to the Hollywood Reporter.


Hillary Clinton has been the perceived front-runner because she has been the perceived front-runner.  All it will take for her candidacy to collapse is for the perception of its inevitability to falter.  November 2016 is still a political eon away from today.  Our advice to Republicans is to let the Democrats take care of Hillary Clinton.  They have plenty of time.




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