Ciudades Mas Altas del Mundo - Plus Haute Villes du Monde
(Con los edificios mas altos.) (Avec les bātiments plus haute.)
The rankings below are determined by a composite score taken by adding the heights of buildings and towers under varying standards (spires and towers counted less than actual floor space). In 2010, Dubai dramatically claimed the top spot with the completion of the Khalifa Tower, the world's tallest building (along with three other skyscrapers), amd easily retained it thru 2014. Previously, New York City reigned for 110 years as the World's Tallest City, until 2001, when Chicago took the lead in the aftermath of 9/11, reclaiming the distinction it actually held before New York City. Then followed a period of transition. Hong Kong briefly claimed the top spot in 2008, then lost it back to Chicago in 2009. Finally in 2010, Dubai firmly claimed the tilte of World's Tallest City.
American dominance in skyscraper construction, which was total until the late 1980's, is rapidly being eclipsed by China and the Arabian kingdoms - often with the help of American architects. For details, click on METHODOLOGY, and visit some of the articles at left. Click left or ranking of the World's Tallest 25 Cities from 2000 to the present.  Click on pictures for graphic charts of ten tallest buildings of those cities. Some city graphics still in development.
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